Wikileaks: a diffrent perspective.

In light of all the happenings of wiki-leaks and all our Pakistani advertisers have come up with a new advertising campaign. Now this was a mildly disturbing experience for me but nonetheless it brought  wry smile to my face. Using an opportunity to ones advantage aye??

Well it kinda reads out as such:

Well I was going back home from AKU, mum and me in the car and I was doing the usual, ogling at the world outside. Mum blatantly ignoring my existence. Routine work. As I have acquired a new pair of glasses (dumdededaaa!!!!) I enjoy reading all the billboards along the way. Ironic, much. Yes, I guess so.

On the expressway I was innocently reading billboards unaware of what was to come and I came across this billboard that stated:


(for people who do’nt know: butterfly is a sanitary napkin. Yes my lovelies. Squirm.)

I was initially mildly shocked. Then it came across as stupid then the disgusting part of my brain geared up and I smiled. A thought process about this billboard was about to formulate and present itself in front of me but I was distracted by the bald guy in the car opposite me wearing two glasses. One perched on his naked little scalp. Fascinating.

Eventually I reached home and started monkeying around as usual.

That advertisement on a whole was effective. A real eye-catcher that’s for sure and I doubt anyone would forget THAT.

I will NEVER buy butterfly in my life.


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