Research: Just an opinion

By: The thirteenth monkey.

Dec 18 2010

Category: Life as it presents itself

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So come second year for us all in the Aga Khan University and we cannot wait to get our lab coats out and head to the labs or to the clinics because there’s a research to be done. Yes  poor poor us. By any means possible whether its through an ex-PBL facilitator, a senior you know or maybe the doctor you stalk everyone wants their grubby little mitts on some piece of  research.

Well there’s nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with doing research work after all its good for your CV right?? Or so it promises to be.

Now in light of all this hype of getting a research I have a few issues I would like to address two to be more precise. And let us not dwaddle but address these issues immediately:

1. Competition to the extent of it becoming extremely unhealthy. Well that kind of speaks for itself, now doesn’t it.

2. This new hype of going abroad and doing research at ones own expense. Now let us have a little fun with this topic. Going abroad at a time when it really doesn’t matter and for a month. A MONTH. In research lingo you just contributed as much to the research as maybe the janitor who takes out the laboratory’s trash. Well you’ll be remembered just as much.

I don’t get it people but maybe I’m wrong here or have my principles wrong but if you really want something to matter you’ve gotta work at it. A lot. This just ain’t research its everything.

Now this crap that everyone is so hyped about in my mind roughly translates as having a one night stand with someone like Johnny Depp. Wow. You just made a contact, Johnny Depp!! But will he remember you. No. That’s cause you made no difference in his life. None at all. And in a month you get to learn the ropes of a research. Your contribution……. The janitor did better. And he gets paid. You just wasted your parents money for that. Now don’t you feel smart.

Now think about it. Jumping from research to research. In the end you’ve got a good CV but what do you really know about doing research. Where’s the real deal??? Now thats where the crickets start chirping, my dear friends.

With that I end my rant. Hope you enjoyed it. Research and all…. One thing I am proud about myself:



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