A footnote to the Neurosciences module.

By: The thirteenth monkey.

Dec 24 2010

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24th December,  9:33 am. Utter relief, there is no other word for it because as of now the neuroscience module had passed. We were done  with it. The most difficult module of  second year was gone. Yet I felt sad, as if  I had just said goodbye to someone who was close to me. As if I was watching A beloved set sail. So long neurosciences……. May you drive me up a wall another time *sigh*.

Okay you all probably think,  ‘sheesh what a Nutter in LOVE with neuroscience. Hah! Braggart.’ Well it was not such, it was more of a love-hate relationship which in the period of eight weeks unfolded as thus:

WEEK 1: New module booklet….. wow……… and oh oh!! My pictures on the cover!!! and I look good too!! 😀

WEEK 2: What are TRACTS??!!! What IS this madness!! Second case and I have no idea what we’re doing!! I didn’t sign up for this!!

WEEK 3: (\_/)
WEEK 4: (*_*)
WEEK 5: (u u)

Note for certain people: I know this is a bunny not a helicopter -_-

WEEK 6: Should start studying neuroscience is supposed to be diffic- CAKE. *3 hours later* what was I thinking again?? This cake is good….

WEEK 7: I actually study. If you call formulating a study plan studying which it is hypothetically.

WEEK 7 and a half :  The bum is placed onto seat and reluctantly glued there by fear of bad grades.

WEEK 8: Unable to create log file access to Iqra’s memories/neuroscience/week 8 denied.

And then they were the exams. Which were comparable to having to sit on a spike bare buttock-ed.

Apart from me reciting the whole weekly schedule to you there were a few things I would like to elaborate:

Exam preparation: This drove me to the border of my sanity and a few times I crossed it as well, during which I considered hitting my head on a wall. But being a student of medicine I evaluated that there was a very high chance of me surviving and obtaining a set of  ‘Hammad’ like symptoms. So I considered the base of my skull but being a former student of physics I knew I wouldn’t be able to generate enough force to kill. So much for this knowledge. Pfft.

Apart from that has anyone noticed that the kites in AKU are smarter than the average kite. Wow. Now that’s called setting a standard, hats off to you AKU administration you even control the  aviary life here. I say this because I noticed a kite BREAKING a tree branch to make its nest. Smart.

With this I end my description of the neuroscience module. But one last thing and read this carefully especially my enemies:


(Note for anyone non-medical:  Look up Kluver-Bucy syndrome and you shall know exactly what I mean 😉 )


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